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How I Practice

My style of practice for family law, divorce, custody, is efficient, and cost effective.  In law, studies have shown that over 90% of cases settle in their entirety.  I try to settle every case if at all possible.  When a client can make an offer of settlement, or accept a counter offer of settlement they can control their case with certainty.  This leads to positive outcomes, lower attorney fees, and better results.  Additionally, by settling their case they avoid the risk and uncertainty that comes with going to court and presenting your case to a judge.  The reality is that the courts in New Mexico lack the resources to keep up with family law cases.  It is common to request a hearing and wait months before the Judge hears your case.  As a result, cases drag on unnecessarily.  For these reasons trying to proactively settle a case is almost always the best solution to move your case forward. 
For the cases that do not settle, we must have either multiple hearings, and/or a trial.  Even though I try a settlement first approach to every case I actually love going to court.  I am your voice, and advocate.  I am very confident in my trial skills, and my ability to fight for my clients.  I can prepare you for what court is actually like, how to talk to the judge, how to protect yourself from the other attorney, and how to prepare you for the unexpected.  
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