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Being A Family Law Lawyer

I get asked all the time what is it like being a family law lawyer?  Similarly, people sometimes will wince their face or cringe when I tell them about my career choice.  For me, being a family law lawyer is exciting and fun!  I get to meet all kinds of interesting people with a wide variety of legal issues.  I love resolving their legal issues, and making a difference in their lives.  Every day is unique, and the stories are memorable.  I think when choosing a family law attorney it is imperative that you choose one who is passionate about the work they do, and the lives they touch. 

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“Last week’s performance by Mr. Powers in court was exemplary, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his role in this case or the outcome.  

In contrast to other attorneys who preceded him, Mr. Powers’ comportment was the model against which standards of courtroom decorum should be judged.  He prepared well for our appearance and I couldn’t help but notice that Judge Walker was pleased when he produced immediately all the information that she requested.  Unlike others who did not adhere to courtroom etiquette, or who failed to produce documents or assurances that she solicited, Mr. Powers anticipated Judge Walker’s requirements, produced the requested items, and always asked her permission to approach before handing documents to her.  And before responding verbally, he always came to his feet.  I was impressed and followed suit.


Randy’s pre-appearance pep talk stood me in good stead.  Rather than engage in idle chat en route to the courthouse, Mr. Powers and I went over his do’s and don'ts again.  Time well spent.


I must admit apprehension when told that he would handle the presentation in court.  It was clear, however, that his pleasant tone but business-like demeanor was the perfect mix of decorum and preparedness that I think helped Judge Walker to rule favorably and quickly.


Thanks very much for tucking me safely under his more than capable wing.”


“My ex wanted to take my children out of the country. To make a long story short - I wouldn't have my children anymore without Randy. I really appreciate all of his help.”


“You simply cannot find better family law representation than Randy Powers. Randy was referred to me by other an attorney for a child custody issue my son was involved in. Randy has been my son’s attorney for almost four years. His professionalism, experience, and legal knowledge have been crucial in a highly contentious child custody case fraught with never-ending custody disputes with a completely unreasonable person. I have had full faith in Randy and have entrusted him with an extremely important aspect of my life - my son and my granddaughter’s best interests. If you find yourself facing a difficult family law situation, Randy and his team are the right choice, hands down. There is no better family law attorney out there.”


“Mr. Powers is one of the most amazing, caring and thoughtful lawyers I have ever met. Not only did he help me with my case but he also gave me and my family constant reassurance that he would do his best as we were going through a tough time. Mr. Powers worked vigorously on my case and did all that he could to take care of my legal needs. He worked so hard on my case we were able to get an appeal in a matter of weeks. I feel that he gave his absolute best to me and my family and I am forever grateful for all of his help. I recommend Mr. Powers to all people looking for a great family lawyer!”


“Mr. Powers went out of his way to help me with my situation that was conflicted with a prodigal son. He worked very well with an excellent divorce team at our settlement conference, we did not have to go to court as a consequence of unresolved matters. I highly recommend Mr. Powers.”


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